What makes us different?
You are, undoubtedly, asking that question. Quite simply, what makes us different is not the "what," it's the "who."  Dedication, passion, drive and intuition are all power-packed into individuals devoted to emphasizing the success levels of persons and organizations alike. We are people that want to elaborate on your accomplishments. We are people that care about matching precise individuals with appropriate organizations. We build relationships and promote the realization of real and attainable goals. Call us and find out for yourself what a difference it makes when you're dealing with people that truly care about YOUR success.
Meet Our Team

Recruiting has always interested me and I wanted to focus my career in this field. I first received that opportunity ten years ago and have been loving it ever since. Ethics and respect are my foundation. I do everything possible to make sure that both the clients I represent and the professionals looking to make the move are well taken care of. What you can look forward to partnering with me is someone who will maintain confidentiality, provide you with value, always follow up with you through every step of the process and will never waste your time. Your success is my number one priority therefore I am continuously focused on making the experience rewarding and exemplary.

Teresa Olsen
Executive Director of Recruiting
The RIGHT people help convey your image and message across to the correct audience. My experience includes various forms of art design and digital design as well as operations and marketing development, with image design, fine art photography, advertising photography, consultation and marketing concepts. My satisfaction and fulfillment comes from playing a supporting role to help my client express their vision for their future success.
Elizabeth Zedzian
Director of Marketing & Brand Development
In my professional experience I am gaining the tools necessary in marketing and administration to build an aptitude for success in future proposals for private, collaborative, and corporate projects. My goal is to integrate my artistic passion with daily happenings. In the future I want to establish an Artist Co-Op to provide facilities, resources, and gallery space for local and international artists. I believe the best way to create is to bounce ideas and theories off of other creative minds.
Tristine Walker
Director of Social Media Accounts & Planning